About US

Though VIMCO Handicrafts is in the existence since 2009 in Bhaktapur, it has noble cause in its establishment. Empowering community is our mission
We want to empower jobless and uneducated women in our local community in Bhaktapur through providing skills and employment. Bhaktapur is rich cultural city of Nepal. Most of the people are farmers and they are women after work in the fields, That means they don't have enough income for their livelihood. Hence, to raise their living standard, we thought making Felt Handicrafts for these women can help them. We make them trained for one month for felting. During the training also they are provided stipendium. After the training based on their skill, we provide employment to them.their. There are many other handicrafts in Bhaktapur. We are the one felt handicrafts factory in Bhaktapur.

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